HPRC Hard Case With Your Own Logo

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Own Logo

It is now possible to laser engrave your own logo on HPRC Cases.

You can now make sure that your HPRC case does not get lost in the crowd, with your very own logo.

You decide which surface to engrave on, or whether it should be on several of the surfaces.

You also decide for yourself what size it should be.

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About the cases

HPRC means High-Performance Resin Cases.
All cases are lightweight, waterproof and unbreakable cases.
It meets ATA 300 specifications for transit cases.
The hard-resin shells are virtually unbreakable, and the interior rubber O-rings keep the case air and watertight.
It comes with a comfortable soft-grip handle for carrying and an air pressure release valve.
The case can be used to carry audio, photo or video equipment and accessories.
It is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.-Unbreakable, waterproof, resin case with a cubed foam interior made to carry audio, photo or video equipment and accessories.

- Neoprene O-rings keep the cases air and watertight
- Temperature rating from -40 to +80°C (-40 to +176°F)
- Air pressure release valve
- For field comfort the case is carried by a super-soft grip, rigid handle

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