Lightweight flight case for Soundcraft Vi1000

5.889 kr

Soundcraft Vi1000 - Lightweight flight case

Lightweight flight case for Soundcraft Vi1000 made of honeycomp PVC material.

Exterior dimensions 920 x 1060 x 500mm

Case-it is a Danish company with its own workshop.
We have great know-how, great experience and solid roots in the flightcase industry.
Our transport cases are handmade from start to finish and are most often produced in Plywood with aluminum profiles and steel fittings and decorated with foam.
In the design, we have also emphasized that our transport cases must be light and gentle to handle, regardless of whether you are a musician, transport personnel, technician or sales representative…

Specially developed flight case
If we can not meet your needs through a standard flight case,
we are guaranteed to help you with a custom-built flight case that suits your specific needs.

If you need a specially developed flight case solution, we need to clarify exactly what you need.
Therefore, we have a thorough process, which you can read about below:

Read more about custom-built flight cases.

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