Peli Air 1745 Long Case 1118x426x202mm

4.864 kr

1745 Air LONG CASE

We’ve stretched out our line of Peli Air cases, so now you can protect your long equipment inside the world’s toughest and lightest case. 44” long with built in wheels and 40% lighter than other polymer cases, the Peli Air 1745 case keeps you rolling and provides the perfect leg room to protect survey equipment, firearms, camera tripods and other lengthy equipment.

The Peli Air 1745 is our deepest long case that provides the option to stack multiple items on both bottom and top layers or just use the top layer to nestle long individual equipment.

The Peli Air 1745 case is also the first Peli Air case to feature Press and Pull latches, tested for extreme pressure and impact situations. These latches keep the lid shut through rough handling but are easy to open on arrival.

Peli Air 1745 case - The long haul just got easier.

Super-light proprietary HPX² Polymer
Quiet Rolling Stainless-Steel Bearing Wheels
Watertight O-Ring Gasket
Press and Pull Latches
Business card holder
Automatic Purge Valve - Keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure.


Peli Air 1745
Dimensions in mm length wide depth
Interior 1118 426 202
Exterior 1186 492 222
Lid 64
Bottom 138
Volume in m3
Interior 0,096
Weight in kg
Empty 7,8
With Foam 9,6

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