Here at Case it, we are your total supplier of standard and custom-built cases for transport

Our cases are used in industry, in the entertainment business and within marketing. We produce standard and custom flightcases.

Our products and solutions range widely from small to large solutions.

Case it is a company with know-how, great experience and solid roots in the flightcase industry.

Our transport cases are handmade from start to finish.

They are most often produced in birch plywood with aluminum profiles and steel fittings and with foam accommodation.

In the design, we have also emphasized that our transport cases must be lightweight and gentle to handle, regardless of whether you are a musician, transport personnel, technician or sales representative.

Specialists in the development of packaging

Over the years, we have supplied variety of industries. Including, for example, the pharmaceutical industry, the military, the marketing industry, the food industry, agriculture, cleaning companies and producers of renewable energy and AV technology.

We thereby have experience with transportation and shipping, of everything from presentation equipment to weapon cases and can be described as specialists in the development of packaging.

Industrial transport places great demands
on the packaging

Special production is often necessary, as it may involve the transport of valuable and sensitive equipment that must be transported all over the world.

Therefore, safety must be top notch, so that there is security around the transport itself.

The packaging must be durable for many years. It should last the entire life of the content - and preferably longer. So that it’s reusable packaging.

The packaging must be easy to transport, whatever it can be done by hand or whether it requires aids. It must be user-friendly.

Unpacking must be easy and fast, and the content must also be able to be used quickly.

Case it can supply industrial packaging that meets all these requirements - even packaging in the company's colors, if desired.