EU Store box with closed handles 40x30x27 cm

149 kr
  • Perfectly stackable
  • Optimised for automated logistics
  • Made out of PP copolymer
  • Print possibility
  • ESD (safe handling of electronic components.)

EU Store box are the perfect solution for industry.
They are durable and therefore also economical, mainly because of their robustness and high quality material.
Perfectly stackable no matter what size.
Optimised for automated logistics Made out of PP copolymer, that makes them  suitable for use on moving and roller conveyors.
These plastic boxes are cold, contact heat, acid and lye resistant. and have a certificate for contact with food.
All in all it is a gift in all branches of the industry.


Outside Length     40 cm
Outside Widht      30 cm
Outside Height     27 cm

Internal Length     37 cm
Internal Widht      27 cm
Internal Height     26,5 cm

Volume     26 l

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