Flip case for Allen and Heath avantis

17.633 kr

Special designed

ZCASE has developed a patented flip system, that makes it easy and quick to pack or unpack.

There is plenty of room for cables, extra compartments for accessories and with a shock absorbing system that protects during transport.

Images of this Flip case for Allen and Heath avantis is for reference purposes only.

The Flip Flight Case highlights:

  • Unfastening the bed together with the console from the case
  • Shock-absorbent suspension system
  • One storage in doors
  • Cradle for a console in black standard structural painting
  • non or 2He 19" units below console


  • Standard arm holders for laptop or screen
  • Ergo-tron arm holder for laptop or screen
  • 1He rack keyboard drawer


  • Depth of doghouse 15cm
  • Console's fades are at 89 cm height
  • Outer dimensions :118x49x102cm
  • Weight of empty case 79kg


The technical solutions used in Zcase's  lip Flight Cases are protected by law.
Copying without Zcase's consent is prohibited!

Not the right case?

Do you need a special build solution for a flight case.
Then we need to make clear precisely what you need.
Therefore, we have a well elaborated process, that you can read about below:

Read more about our special build flight cases here.

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