Ready2Talk PA 64 Amplified PA system

3.743 kr

The PA 64 offers better sound quality than any other PA system with its 4 x 50 Watt amplifier and variable solid state music muting from 0 – 100%.  Now you can introduce music into your tours by day and Karaoke at night?  It’s also a versatile work horse with 2 mic inputs, allowing interactive tours or configure as a 2 way intercom system for commercial needs.

The PA 64 connects to any stereo, factory, aftermarket or DVD player or it can be a stand-alone PA system, like a Tram, Trolley or any type of specialty vehicle for any purpose.  Now you can be even more creative and enhance your tour experience with music or video and a headset, wireless, or two mics.  Maybe the PA 64 is that work horse you’ve been looking for.  The PA 64 can do it all.

Part of the Installed Series

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