Systainer Storage box

1.019 kr
color: light grey

The two-tiered design of this case offers space-efficient storage and easy access. The top compartments fold out, and the bottom is divided into two compartments by a shallow wall.
Each compartment is about 362mm × 115mm and 66mm deep. A latch at either end simultaneously secures the top compartments and their translucent lids. To organize small items, five modular bins are included (two small, two medium and one large), enough to fill one compartment. Not only can you arrange the bins however you want, you can also lift out a bin and tip its contents into your palm.
The bins can be used anywhere in the case – when the case is closed, raised grid lines in the bottom of each compartment keep the bins from shifting, and the tops of the bins are tightly covered to keep their contents from spilling or mingling.
All bins are 70mm tall. The small bins measure 59mm × 59mm; the medium bins measure 119mm × 59mm; the large bin measures 179mm × 119mm.
The case has standard exterior base dimensions of 396mm × 296mm, so it can be stacked and latched to the top of any classic or T-Loc regular Systainer case for secure transport. You can also link it above or below a Systainer toolbox, systainer Maxi or another storage box, with the handle of the lower one nesting within a recess in the base of the upper. About 245mm tall overall.


Outer dimension: H160 x W396 x D296 mm
Height with handle: 240 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg

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