Systainer T-Loc SYS-Combi III 382x266x180mm

1.213 kr
Color: Light grey

with drawer incl. 2 separating webs

Outside dimensions

H* 315 x W 396 x D 296 mm

Inside dimensions systainer

H 180 x W 382 x D 266 mm

Inside dimensions drawer

H 69 x W 350 x D 255 mm


3.50 kg

* The outside dimensions are measured without feet: H + 7 mm

The systainer is characterized above all by its ability to be individualized:
Both the interior of the case and its color can be customized.

We also offer our industrial customers numerous additional services such as logo printing, construction of special inserts, packaging and much more.

Main applications

Permanent organisation, clear overview, flexible modules.
Saves significant time, effort, movement, expense.
Simple, compact transport.
Provides a professional appearance to customers.

Get your systainers now and be confident in your organization.

The systainer - not just a case, but a system!

With systainer, your products, work materials, or tools are securely packaged, clearly organized and transported in a way that saves you time.

This case system stands out for the ability to stack and link individual systainer together.

If you are interested in a van solution, we can help you.
We are Sortimo certified, so don't hesitate to contact us here

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