Systainer³ Universal L 137 508x296x137mm

983 kr
Color: Light grey

Universal Systainer³ L 137

With 6 different size dividers and a total width of 508 mm,
the Universal Systainer³ L 137 offers lots of space for small parts,
consumable materials or small tools.

The set consists of:

1 x Systainer³ L 137
Dimensions: H 130 x W 508 x E 296 mm,
Base material: ABS plastic,
Weight: 1.92 kg

Universal insert with 6 compartments
1 compartment:  77 x 96 mm
1 compartment: 96 x 351 mm
1 compartment: 51 x 96 mm, 96 x 149 mm
2 compartments: 96 x 99 mm
Base material: PS-Reg.
Weight: 0.4 kg

Lid insert EPP
Dimensions: H 23.2 x W 382 x D 260, 5 mm
Base material: EPP molded foam
Weight: 0.1 kg


The new Tanos Systainer³ is similar to the T-Loc Systainer, but with a number of upgraded features.

This will be the third generation Systainer tool box.
The first, Systainer Classic, connects to other Systainers via 4 latches and opens or closes with 2.
The Systainer T-Loc greatly simplified things by featuring a single rotating latch that can be used to open and close the tool boxes and for stacking.

The Large size Systainer³ is available in three different heights.

It is fully compatible with T-Loc Systainers and cal also be integrated with the Classic tool boxes.

What’s special about the new Systainer³

There’s a front handle built into the smaller cases, allowing them to be carried upright, briefcase-style. The taller Systainer sizes will not include the front handle.

There are also “theft tags,” locking loops sized for small locks.

The Systainer³ is even more stable than its predecessors thanks to its optimized design structure with third lid hinge and raised reinforced bottom cross.

The Systainer³ allows for easier and quicker label insertion, even when the boxes are closed.

The new Systainer³ also features built-in van racking equipment, allowing the tool boxes to work with vehicle mount accessories without additional components.


The dimensions are without feet (7 mm)

Dimensions [mm] High Wide Depth
Exterior 130 508 296
Intern 94 501 275
Weight: 2,42 kg


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