Systainer³ XXL 237 792x296x230mm

995 kr
Color: Light grey

Systainer³ XXL 237

The Systainer³ XXL 237. in particular, offers plenty of space.
It allows you to transport even large objects and power tools with no problem.
Thanks to its design, two Systainer³ or systainer T-Loc can be linked to each side.

The big one

Bigger, better, stronger!
You can now bye the suitable systainer packaging solution for more bulky devices such as chainsaws.

The Systainer³ XXL is 792 mm wide and therefore twice as big as the Systainer³ M and thus offers a lot of space inside.
Despite its large dimensions, it is integrated 100 % into the systainer system and can be connected to Systainer³ and systainer T-Loc using the T-Loc closing element.

The side recessed grips and its ability to be connected to the Systainer³ CART "SYS-RB" guarantee easy handling and transport.

Of course, we are also offering suitable inserts for the XXL for a better protection of sensitive devices.
Find them here


The new Tanos Systainer³ is similar to the T-Loc Systainer, but with a number of upgraded features.

This will be the third generation Systainer tool box.
The first, Systainer Classic, connects to other Systainers via 4 latches and opens or closes with 2.
The Systainer T-Loc greatly simplified things by featuring a single rotating latch that can be used to open and close the tool boxes and for stacking.

The Large size Systainer³ is available in three different heights.

It is fully compatible with T-Loc Systainers and cal also be integrated with the Classic tool boxes.

What’s special about the new Systainer³

There’s a front handle built into the smaller cases, allowing them to be carried upright, briefcase-style. The taller Systainer sizes will not include the front handle.

There are also “theft tags,” locking loops sized for small locks.

The Systainer³ is even more stable than its predecessors thanks to its optimized design structure with third lid hinge and raised reinforced bottom cross.

The Systainer³ allows for easier and quicker label insertion, even when the boxes are closed.

The new Systainer³ also features built-in van racking equipment, allowing the tool boxes to work with vehicle mount accessories without additional components.


The dimensions are without feet (7 mm)
Dimensions [mm] High Wide Depth
Exterior 230 792 296
Intern 188 786 279
Weight [kg]

If you are interested in a van solution, we can help you.
We are Sortimo certified, so don't hesitate to contact us here

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