HPRC4400 Hard Case 420x420x389mm

2.399 kr

HPRC Hard Case 4400

Hard Case 4400 is a lightweight, waterproof, unbreakable case that can be used to carry every kind of equipment and accessories.

Can be used like a trolley buying the extra wheel kit (4 wheels).
Ergonomic handle made of PP SEBS material and a steel pin to provide a high level of ergonomics.
Automatic valve which automatically adjusts the air pressure inside.
Internal O-ring made of neoprene PA66 makes the suitcase is totally waterproof.
Closing hooks extremely robust. The system for opening / closing in two phases in addition to ensuring a particular fluidity of movement, prevents the hooks to open in case of fall.
Reinforced corners that make it extremely shock-resistant.

The temperature range is guaranteed - 40 ° C - (40 ° F) up to + 80 ° C (+176 ° F).


HPRC 4400
Dimensions - mm Length Wide Height
Internal 420 420 389
External 479 481 437
Lid 65
Bottom 324
Weight - kg
Empty 6,70
With foam 8,90
Dimensions - in Length Wide Height
Internal 16,54 16,54 15,31
External 18,86 18,94 17,20
Lid  2,56
Bottom 12,75
Weight - lbs
Empty 14,77
With foam 19,62

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