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HPRC Cases

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HPRC cases were born in 2006 and it has come a long way since then. With nearly 1.000 customers in more than 80 countries, HPRC is recognized as one of the world’s best hard cases brand.

HPRC cases can be used for all sorts of applications in OEM, B2B and B2C industries. From medical and hi-tech (measurement, laser etc) to industrial and electronics, military and Government police law enforcement, nautical, outdoor, imaging, broadcasting and many more, HPRC cases provide total protection to the carried equipment.

Most of hard cases are made of standard pp: our R&D department has developed an enhanced compound Ttx01®, still based on pp, now balanced with additional high-performance resins. Ttx01® make the HPRC shell thinner and more elastic, increasing therefore the shockproof degree and the lightweight. On top of that, maintaining pp characteristics, HPRC cases are acid, scratch, corrosion and dust-proof, able to resist to extreme weather conditions and temperature changes (products are tested from - 40° to 80°C) and watertight. Lastly, all shells and components of HPRC cases are 100% recyclable.

Last but not least, our technical department can offer an uncompromisingly individual approach to each customer. Completely new projects or customization of existing products are our flagship. Ad hoc colors, printing, adhesives, foam inlays (die cut, water cut, milled, moulded), thermoformed inlays, lid panels and organizers, extra working on the cases shell (holes, external applications) are just some of the customizations our machinery can do.