HPRC2300 Ready for ATEM Mini, ATEM Mini Pro or ATEM Mini Pro ISO

1.824 kr

HPRC Ready

AMI-2300-01 is the HPRC case based on the HPRC2300 model organized to protect and carry ATEM Mini, ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Pro ISO and their accessories.

The foam can hold
ATEM Mini/Mini Pro/Mini Pro ISO, Charger, Angelbird SSD2GO, Blackmagic ATEM, Streaming Bridge, HDMI cables, Miscellaneous.

Highly resistant and watertight rigid case to carry the ATEM Mini/Mini Pro/Mini Pro ISO in any place and weather.

The Vector Panel increases the protection of the equipment stored and enables a quick and easy organization of the space.

The images are for the sole purpose of presenting the product.
The case is sold WITHOUT equipment.



Dimensions - mm Length Wide Height
Internal 304 231 137
External 335 289 155
Lid     31
Bottom     106
Weight - kg      
Empty     1,67
With foam     1,90
Dimensions - in Length Wide Height
Internal 11,97 9,09 5,39
External 13,19 11,38 6,10
Lid      1,22
Bottom     4,17
Weight - lbs      
Empty     3,68
With foam     4,19

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