HPRC2300 Ready for DJI Air 2S and Mavic Air 2

1.638 kr

HPRC Ready

The HPRC2300 is organized to transport and protect your DJI Air 2S, the Mavic 2 Air and all accessories.

It features a pre-cut foam housing:
DJI Air 2S / Mavic Air 2 Aircraft
Intelligent Flight Battery
Battery Charger
Nd Filter Set
Remote Controller

The Vector Panel significantly increases the protection of the accessories placed inside and ensures savings of time and space in the organization of the equipment itself.

The images are for the sole purpose of presenting the product. The case is sold WITHOUT equipment.



Dimensions - mm Length Wide Height
Internal 304 231 137
External 335 289 155
Lid     31
Bottom     106
Weight - kg      
Empty     1,67
With foam     1,90
Dimensions - in Length Wide Height
Internal 11,97 9,09 5,39
External 13,19 11,38 6,10
Lid      1,22
Bottom     4,17
Weight - lbs      
Empty     3,68
With foam     4,19

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