HPRC2460 Ready for Autel Robotics EVO Lite + Premium Bundle

2.340 kr

HPRC Ready

LITE-2460-01 is the HPRC case based on the HPRC2460 model organized to protect and carry the drone Autel Robotics EVO Lite + Premium Bundle and its accessories. High-density pre-cut foam designed for HPRC2460 case, suitable for transporting the drone and all accessories totally safe.

The foam can hold:
Aircraft (including battery, propellers and gimbal cover)
Spare Propellers
Power Adapter
Spare Battery
Remote Control
Filter Set
Usb Cable

The internal O-ring, which runs along the entire perimeter of the lid, is made of expanded EPDM and guarantees the case’s watertight qualities.

The case is also resistant to shocks, dust, acids and  allowing you to transport  the drone Autel Robotics EVO Lite + Premium Bundle and its accessories in any place and weather conditions.

The Vector Panel, besides granting additional protection for the equipment, allows for a quick and easy organization of spaces.

The images are for the sole purpose of presenting the product. The case is sold WITHOUT equipment.


Dimensions - mm Length Wide Height
Internal 409 306 175
External 434 371 193
Lid     70
Bottom     105
Weight - kg    
Empty     2,60
Dissensions - in Length Wide Height
Internal 16,10 12,05 6,89
External 17,09 1,61 7,60
Lid      2,76
Bottom     4,14
Weight - lbs    
Empty     5,73

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